Why education is important to me: Pt Two

School did not come easy to me. 
If you missed part one, start here  

I failled the eighth grade, and yet I was being advanced to the Ninth grade anyways. 
Ninth grade was SO hard for me.
I was not only thrust into a new school, with zero friends, I was unprepared. 
I was behind every student, in every subject. I ended my freshman year with a 
GPA of  1.00
I would sit in the back of every class afraid to ask for help, afraid to hand in homework, afraid to join in class discussions. 

Then came tenth grade. Nothing changed. School was increasingly more difficult. The only two classes I passed where Theatre Arts and Photography. I often found myself skipping class and sitting in the back of the library for hours. Why did the librarian let me sit there, I have no idea. Why didn't she ask me for a library pass? Or ask me to go back to class? 

Why weren't the teachers trying to help me? Because I didn't ask for it? Because they thought I was too far in the hole to help me out?  I didn't feel like I could ask for help or direction. I, honestly, didn't feel safe or comfortable there. 

I'm not finger pointing here. I know it was just as much my fault as anyone else's that high school sucked for me. 

I ended tenth grade with a GPA of 1.60. Thank goodness for those art classes. 

I ended up moving back to California the summer before Junior year. 

*Enter second high school* 

Instead of testing me they put me right into eleventh grade with all the kids I grew up with. I was not prepared. But I had already decided this would be my last year. The area I grew up in was far but ideal. We were all at-risk youth. My educational environment was not ideal. Drugs, sex, and parties were more important than school. I started hanging out around with the wrong crowd. You know those girls that sit in the back of the gym and harass people? The ones who skip school to smoke pot? The ones who end up pregnant and dropping out of school? Those were my friends....

God? He was there. But he wasn't in my heart. I didn't know him

I can not tell you a single thing I learned in my entire year of eleventh grade. That is the worst thing. When I think back on that year it disgusts me. An entire year of education, and I have nothing to show for it. 

So now here I am, sitting in my principals office. He's going on and on about how I am totally screwed. I wasn't paying attention really. Like I said, I already decided I was done. Point was: I will not graduate high school. 

My home situation was far from ideal. And I did everything I could to ignore it or not come home. It wasn't until the night I woke up in a hospital, with alcohol poisoning,  that I realized where my future was headed. 
I was going to be a teen mom, high school dropout, welfare abuser. Or worse, a drug addicted alcoholic.  
Yes. That sounds harsh. But more than half of the girls I grew up with were teen moms or drug abusers. It was the harsh reality of being an at-risk youth. 

I was told about this school. Sky High Continuation/Alternative High School. It was only for students grade 10 to 12. And there was a waiting list. They only enrolled 100 at a time. 

After a long and hefty court date and conviction, I realized my life was in a spiral. I am in high school, and I already have a record AND a probation officer. 

I decided to get on that waiting list. 

I finished my Junior year of high school with a GPA of .40

Yes, you read that right... point. fourty.

I went into the summer before my 12 grade year not really knowing what was going to happen next. 

What I did know was my life, as a student and a person of society, needed a major kick in the butt. 

Sky High finally called me. I was in. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that made you realize you needed a change?
Did you fail high school? Or have a child failing?
How are you/did you overcome this?

The last part of my story will be shared tomorrow. 

To be cont........

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