Harmony, not shame.

As women we are organically introduced to what society has perceived as 'womanly roles'. We are born into a world of preconceived notions, stereotypes, and prejudice. We are the house keepers, the baby makers, the dinner preppers, and the laundry service. We grow up thinking we must fight for our rank. But do we? Do we need to be better than men? Shouldn't we be fighting to get to heaven?

As women we are naturally beautiful. 
Without make up. 
Without diamonds. 
Without glitter. 
Our King of kings makes us sparkle. When you live for the Lord beauty pours from your soul. It's true. Have you met a Godly woman who was ugly? No. Why? Because the Lord isn't physically attracted to us. He isn't concerned with our haircuts or our gel nails. He is attracted to the beauty in our hearts, and when your heart is beautiful, you are beautiful.

When God made Adam he realized he needed a companion. Genesis 2:18 says "It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a helper that is just right for him." Adam was presented with every animal from land, sea, and air. Turns out, none of those were just right.

"Then the Lord God formed a woman from the rib, and he brought her to man." Gen 2:22

The lord 'formed' woman. He didn't breath life into dust as he did man. He formed woman FROM mans rib. This doesn't make us inferior to men, just as it doesn't make us less than men.  

Under his arm to be protected. 
Near his heart to be beloved. 

Are we enough? Do we HAVE enough? Does God love us enough to give us the things we need? Is our God putting us in harms way? According to the serpent, we don't have enough.  According to the serpent we need more, and we need to have it now. 
We have the blood of Christ washed over our bodies. Isn't that enough? What more do we long for? Our sins have been washed away, we have been forgiven. There is nothing you can do to make God hate you.  Now that doesn't mean you won't be justly punished for your sins.
 Eve broke the ONLY rule that God gave her. She had the entire world at her finger tips. She could eat from every tree, lounge by the river all day, take naps in the garden, dance under the star filled sky, and had a wonderful partner to share all of it with. She didn't even know she wanted anything else (because she didn't) ...until the serpent. 
He convinced her that she needed more. He convinced her that God was not being trusting and truthful, that he was holding out on her. 
What a terrible little snake. We have all been in that situation, though. Not necessarily in a garden with an apple tree and a snake, but figuratively speaking. But in our everyday life we have choices to make, and we don't always choose the best one. 
How does this apply to today? We don't actually have a snake in a garden chatting it up with us (if there is a legit snake in your garden you should have that looked at). But to Adam and Eve the garden was their home. It was sacred to them, and they thought it perfect. Along comes this creepy serpent hanging out in a tree that they aren't allowed to hang out it. Who is that guy and why does he get to hang out in that tree? 
We also have a snake (serpent) in our home. (again, analogy, I hope there are no wild animals in your home)  Our snake lives in the t.v., on the internet, in magazines and on billboards. Our snake comes in the form of comparison, deception, and competition. We are constantly told by the media,


As women we are told our bodies are too squishy, our faces are too bumpy, our hair is to stringy. It is hard to be a women. It is hard to keep up with the trends while walking that fine line of beauty & beast in our stilettos.  It is especially hard to be a woman of Christ when all the other woman are are looking down on you. 


He hears our broken hearts. He sees our tears. He feels our pain. God sees our squishy bellies, our adult acne, and our heat damaged hair. To God this IS beautiful. YOU are beautiful. 
Naturally. Organically. Without make up. Without diamonds. Without glitter. Our King of kings makes us sparkle.


He doesn't care if we wear sweats on Wednesdays or pink on Wednesdays. He wants our hearts. He wants the love and kindness that he created us for. AND He wants us to share this love. He wants us to love other women, young ladies, pre teens, just as He loves us, UNCONDITIONALLY. Without bias, without prejudice, without favoritism. 

Do you praise, lift up, and encourage other women? Even when they get something you have been striving for? In the face of competition, even if it isn't direct, do you feel the need to put other women down or do you encourage them and lend a hand? As women we need to stand together, love together, and praise together, even if it means SHE wins. If SHE wins, don't we all win? We were created for HARMONY, not shame. 

2 Corinth 11:3 "I fear that somehow your pure and undivided devotion to Christ will be corrupted, just as Eve was deceived by the cunning ways of the serpent."
Let's not let the lies and filth of the serpent destroy our love. 

"Let’s stop. Let’s put down our DIY efforts of self-salvation that Paul warned us about, and let’s run fast to the foot of the cross." SheReadsTruth

"You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough." -Kate Conner (and Jesus)


  1. I love you. I love this post. I love our group!! Preach on beautiful sister.

  2. LOVE this message. Every woman should read this! :)

  3. This was something I needed to hear. Thanks!

  4. So happy to hear this post spoke to you! Looking forward to reading your book!

  5. Thanks Sarah! I really wish every woman could hear this and change the way they felt about themselves.

  6. I love you too, Megan! I love our group too!!! Thanks for being so supportive love!


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