Homemade Laundry Soap

I know, making your own laundry detergent? WHAT?? 
But I am serious. 

Christine, from Grateful For A Coffee Break, shared a post on how to save a few bucks by making your own cleaners and such. At first I thought, mehh, too much time, and I hate cleaning anyway so why make it harder. But something in the back of my head kept nagging at me all day. ( I think it was my conscience, but we can't be sure.)  

The hubs and I talked it over and decided why not? Who doesn't want to save money, and landfills? We decided to start with the laundry soap. We use TONS of that junk. Seriously, there are only two of us and I am ALWAYS doing laundry. 

We usually buy the orange bottle of detergent. 60 loads for $11.97. But lets be honest, who really measures that stuff properly? I just dump and cap (or two if I'm washing stinky socks) in the wash. 
The ingredients for this detergent cost us $12.30. It is good for 150 loads of laundry. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. I hope my husband doesn't expect me to wash 150 loads of laundry... Holy cow! 

4 lb box of Super Washing Soda
4 lb box of Borax
4 lb box of Baking soda
3 bars of Fels-Naptha
Cheese grater
LARGE storage container
EVEN LARGER mixing container

The 3 boxes and the soap are conveniently stocked side by side at the store. So what's your excuse?

Do not underestimate the size of your containers. Those boxes look small......but when they get together they multiply. It's like they have little super washing borax baking soda babies.

You will need to grate all three bars of Fels-Naptha. 
*Fransisco- That's fun to say!*

The package says to avoid prolonged exposure to skin, so be sure to wear gloves. 
Because I expect to make this again I bought a cheese grater just for this purpose. Just put it in a freezer bag and store it in your laundry room. 

I am a finger licker, especially when cheese is involved. 
Do not look down and think, "Wow that is a lot of lovely looking shredded cheddar."
Do not lick your fingers. Do not eat the 'cheese'. 
It will tempting. 

Remember when I said not to underestimate the size of your mixing container. I was serious. Turns out my bowl was much too small. So we improvised.

Pour all of your ingredients into your clean trash bag correctly sized container. 
Shake, mix, stir, blend.
Samantha, from The Peanuts Gang, warns, "Be wary of some of the power flying up and be sure that no children are around in case of excessive powder dust!"
She is serious. We wrapped the bag around my wrist while I poured the powders in. 

Pour your new, homemade, laundry soap into a storage container and admire your domestication. 
Again, that is not cheese. Do not pick it out of the bowl. It might look like the beginnings of a delicious cheesy bread. 
It is not. 

Use two tablespoons per load of laundry. 

 Have you made your own cleaners before? How did they turn out?



  1. Love it! I hope you enjoy it. Seriously it smells the best. I wish I could leave it open to freshen the whole house!

  2. I seriously clicked on this link because I thought "why is she putting CHEESE in her laundry detergent???" What do you think of the results? Do they get your clothes clean? Does it smell good??

  3. Mmm. Cheesy bread.

    But seriously. Lookit you being all domestic. Way to go!

  4. I knew someone was going to click the link wondering what I was doing with cheese and laundry soap! lol! It smells really good!! Christine can back me up on that!! So far we like the results. It works great on pillows and blankets. I usually add bleach to them but I haven't had to use any with this soap. It brightens them for me. :)

  5. I might 'accidently' forget to put the lid back on when I wash laundry... lets just say the laundry room smells fabulous! :)

  6. Now I feel like I should do a cheesy bread post.... hmmmm


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