Dear Full Harvest scented wax,
Thank you for making my home smell like autumn, even the weather begs to differ.

Dear PSYC 101,
Why are you so difficult for me to comprehend?

Dear She Reads Truth,
Thank you for enlightening my soul each morning.

Dear Husband,
Way to go on meeting the 10 mile goal in the first week!

Dear Steve and Jess,
CONGRATS on marriage!! (even though it isn't until tomorrow)

Dear Future Self,
The chocolates were worth it.

Dear Goodwill,
Why must everything be in a size four? What about the busty ladies?

Dear Google,
WHY??????? My gmail was perfect!

Dear CL Group,
You ladies rock. For real. Thank you for being so supportive of one another.

Dear Sweet Season,
Thank you for giving me a reason to write random letters.



  1. Dear Aleks thanks for being real. I love your writing.

  2. Aw we love you too! What is the weather like there? It's hotter now than it was in August here in Texas!

  3. I love the CL group too!!!! Apparently summer didn't hit AL until last week.


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.