October Challenge

For the last couple of months my husband and I have been giving ourselves monthly challenges. This month I have decided to share with you. We are challenging ourselves to TWO challenges!

 The first is a NO FAST FOOD October. Luckily I love to cook, and (i think) I am pretty good at it. We are vowing to not eat from a single fast food joint for the next 31 days. We tried this in April and surprisingly made it through most of the month. I will be sharing simple recipes throughout the month that we use to keep cooking simple on busy days.

The second challenge is a Money for Miles challenge. For every mile we get in (Biking, Walking, Running, Swimming) we earn one dollar. HOWEVER, if we slip up and eat fast food we loose TEN DOLLARS, which is equivalent to ten miles. At the end of the month we will celebrate our victories with a date, funded by our miles money. We love to bike, especially since we have amazing bike paths in our town.

I know. That is a lot to remember. Good thing it is written down. I really hope you consider joining us. I know for myself this will be a little bit of a challenge because I love cheeseburgers and fries.

Not only do we give ourselves challenges, we also write down goals for ourselves for the month. They can be small (my goals) or deeper and take more work (my husbands).

 This months goals for myself are:
*Read one book (other than my text books)
*Get in 20 miles
* Blog three times a week.

The hubs has more in depth goals than I do, (but he also has more time than I do).
 A few of his goals are:
*Drink only water and coffee during the week.
*Read 30 min a day
*Develop blog
*Learn two new recipes

We are very aware of how much work we are in for. To keep ourselves motivated and accountable we are going to share our progress on social media.

Are you looking for a way to challenge yourself this month? Will you join us in the no fast food October or Miles for Money challenge? Will you join us for both?

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