Handmade Vintage Market 2013

This past weekend we participated in our very first Handmade Market. A handful of (amazing) local women put it together every year in one of their homes, but this year they decided to make it public and move it to a venue. I was so blessed to have been picked as a vendor. To say we were nervous is such an understatement. We prepped for three weeks, thinking up our booth layout and making sure we had enough product. And then it took less than two hours to almost SELL OUT! I could not have prepared myself for how crazy busy it was. In less than two hours on Friday night we already ALL of our back up product on the table (which was reserved for Saturday). 

We had a crazy fun time! We learned a lot about how market works, and what we should change next time. One thing is for sure, we will bring double the amount of softies! 

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  1. It was so amazing to be a part of the market! It was great meeting you and seeing your insanely awesome work!!! Thank you so much for the shout on here!!!!


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