2013:: A (late) Recap on Our Year

Happy 2014.
Am I a little too late for that?
I figured as much.

I am amazed at how many new memories Brad and I created last year.
Thank you Instagram for keeping a dated record of that for me.

Here are our favorite happenings from 2013!

In February we bought our FIRST COUCH!! Being the cheapos bargain hunters that we are, we got a great deal from Craigslist.

In March I had the amazing opportunity to join a group of women in the Colorado mountains for a Womens Retreat! A weekend of worship and bonding, (there might have been a little wine) in a beautiful cabin was absolutely one of my highlights from the year! I made amazing friendships and felt my relationship with the Lord strengthen. Ladies, I miss you dearly. 
yes. there was a very cute baby crashing our girls weekend. we didn't mind. 

April was filled with plenty of adventure. We celebrated my birthday AND the rebranding/reopening of our shop!! As a birthday gift to myself (thank goodness I still get birthday money lol) I bought my very first BICYCLE with hopes that the hubs would teach me how to ride it. What a journey that has taken us on. We now love biking.

Our shop became a legal LLC. We reopened, revamped, and rebranded the whole shebang.

We ended May with a weekend long lake birthday celebration for one of my favorite people (maddie)!!

We thought it would be awesome to start the summer off with teeth extractions.
I might be kidding.
But we did get our wisdom teeth removed, together. Best date we have even been on...We were both under anesthesia so my MIL had to take care of us for the weekend. Poor Brad, his were so hard to extract he had to get stitches on both of his bottom locations. Thankfully mine came out like butter. Gross.
What do two people eat when they both have four gaping holes in their mouths?
Pills. Pudding. Antibiotic Pills. Jello. Motrin Pills.  Ice cream. Pain Killer Pills (that make you barf and you will never take again).  Mashed potatoes. Antibiotic Pills.  Broth. Incidentally I lost 11 pounds
(which I quickly regained).
We spent many a day sleeping on the couch and watching musicals. Funny Girl anyone?
We had to get creative with our nasty salt syringes (how gross would THAT be to get them mixed up) so we washi taped one. After about 10 days of yogurt and powerade we were given the all clear that we could eat real people food again. Our fist real meal...McBurgers. I do not kid.

JULY was by far one our favorite months of the year. It meant sun, sand, and drinks in our hand. And also our one year anniversary. We spent a week on Topsail Island with my husbands family soaking in the sun, and occasional rainstorm. It was GORGEOUS! 

We ended July with a small celebration for our one year Wedding Anniversary! We spent the weekend visiting the Indy Zoo and mini golfing.

In September we went to a local Beer Fest. Clearly Brad and I don't agree on beer. The food truck Bourbon Chicken however, we both loved it!

Speaking of food trucks. We went to our first Food Truck Festival in October. A giant parking lot, filled with trucks, that are filled with food. That is my kind of heaven.

November was another month of exciting memory making!! We were invited to a Sole Hope shoe cutting party at Amanda Lynne Designs. We also had our first booth at a handmade market!

We made so many great memories in 2013! I can only imagine what fun we will have in 2014.
What was your favorite memory from 2014?


  1. So happy that I got to be a part of your year!!! xo

  2. Me too!! This year we will hang out more! We need to schedule a coffee date this week to blog and shop talk!


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