I am ready for a change. Is it spring yet?

Grow your hair out they said. It will look great in a bun, topknot, and braid, they said. 
It was cute for the first few months, but now I am bored.
I live for change. I can't imagine a sedentary life where everything is always the same. 
With that being said I usually revert to extreme hair makeovers.
This is me. Right now.
(I know... it doesn't look like the picture to the left.. that's my awesome wedding picture from last year) 

Winter gives me the blues. It is so dreary and cold and always frozen! I need change to get me out of the rut. I'm going to be honest with you, I have been hibernating almost all winter. Unless I absolutely have to leave my house, I'm good just staying inside, wrapped up in blankets and sweats, and top knots. 
true story. 

So friends. I need your help. I need a makeover to get me out of this rut. I have had almost every haircut/color imaginable (don't imagine rainbow colors) in the last 5 years. New hair relaxes me, for a few months at least. So, in the true spirit of Throwback Thursday, here are some awful/awesome hairstyles I have been rocking for the last 5 years. 

That first photo. It's legit. I rocked a platinum blonde bob for a while. 
If you look closely, Jesus is photo bombing in one of these. 
OK, help me decide. In the comments vote on your favorite style. (My husband is pulling for the shoulder length blonde....) I'm also looking for a new stylist, that isn't to charge a million bucks and ruin it. I have already struck out with two Noblesville salons. 
Do I hack it all off? Bleach it? Throw in some layers? Do I dare say....perm?? 

How long have you had your hair style? Do you like change?


  1. I usually get my hair cut once a year around my birthday and let it grow long over the next year. This is the first year that I've gotten it cut 3 times in a 12 month span! Except I think I'm goin to grow it out again! I like the far right one the best, but if you're looking for a change, I like the bottom middle, too!

  2. I'm trying to grow my hair out but I usually get antsy in the warmer months and try to chop it off. I think you look pretty with either style!

  3. just longer then shoulder length with some choppy layers and warm brown and possibly a few dark blonde sunkist looking pieces is my professional opinion for you!! You rock being a brunette REALLY WELL!!! I would totally do your hair BUT since I'm not in salon its a very non-luxurioius kitchen cut these days! lol! Kelly works at Salon 01 in Carmel and does my hair a lot of the time. She is AH-MAZING…. but if you are looking for Noblesville area for a great stylist..email me and I will get you the name and info of one the most talented girls I know. We worked together for probably 5 years until she left Salon 01.
    Happy Hair changing to you!!

  4. I love your hair, but totally understand wanting change. I want change, but I know I'll be a mess if I cut my hair. If your wanting change, go with shoulder length or if you want extreme go with the bob. And I'll get you my stylist number. xo


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