What is better than a delicious Antipasto Recipe?

Wine. Wine is better. and hanging out with the cool kids. 
But these Antipasto Skewers are a close second. 

The awesome ladies Eva & Val hosted their first ever Sip Happens party a week or so ago, and it was delicious. Plus a great reason to whip up some delicious snacks! Great snacks, great wine, and new friends = delicious. They have been talking about this party for a while, dropping hints on twitter and Instagram. So I was pretty pumped to get invited and hang out with the cool kids.

We tried two different wines, 14 Hands, Hot to Trot and The Show, Malbec. I'm not a wine expert, and I'm not going to pretend I know a lick about perfumes, aromas, and the airy fragrance of the grapes. If it tastes good, I'm happy. I'm pretty open to trying new wines, however, I really hadn't found a red I liked enough to drink the whole bottle (crazy right?). I'm usually turned off by the bitterness and how dry it is. BUT I was really surprised at how delicious 14 Hands was. The Show, however, wasn't one of my favorites.

Amber, from The Browsing Brunette, made us these AWESOME hand scrubs. I have a secret love affair with hand scrubs..... PLUS she is giving a little tutorial on her blog on how to make your own! WIN.

p.s. I stole this picture from Val... don't sue me 

I can't wait for the next party! Until then we will be enjoying a Java party and perhaps a sleepover. 

The Cool Kids

As promised here is the recipe to the ever so delicious Antipasto Skewers. Try not to gobble up all the cheese before you make the skewers. It will be hard, trust me. I love cheese. 

Did you host a Sip Happens party or go to one? 
Do you have a favorite wine? 
Check out all the other awesome parties that were hosted!! 


  1. omgosh! you are hysterical! "the cool kids" hahahahahahah love it!! Thanks so SO much for coming!! I can't wait until our coffee date!!! :-) and slumber party…and whatever else we dream up! lol!! Thanks again for hanging out with the "cool kids" LOL!

  2. I'm glad you liked the hand scrub! And your skewers were so pretty AND delicious :) Can't wait to see you for the Java party !!!

  3. Girl, I use this scrub a few times a day. I keep by kitchen sink, because for some reason I ALWAYS have dirty dishes, and I use it after I wash the dishes. I'm thinking I'll have to use your tutorial and make different colors for each of my bathrooms....

  4. Can't wait for the Java party. I'm addicted to coffee almost as much as I am to wine....

  5. This post had me smiling the whole time! I can't wait to hang out in a couple of weeks!!!! It's gonna be tubular! (Yes I just said tubular...)...and we need to set a date for this sleepover ASAP!

  6. I don't even know how many of those skewers I ate that night...so good! Thanks for hanging out with the "cool kids!" Haha...you are too funny! Will you bring the blonde wig to our sleepover? :)

  7. Oh how FUN this post is!!! You are adorable and hilarious at the same time!! I really would have LOVED to hang with the cool kids...and drank some good wine...good enough to drink the bottle down nice and easy! ;)

    Seeing that picture looks alot like my women's group gals... there's nothing 'finer' than that kind of fellowship! And laughter...wine...good food... (apparently hand scrubs too...)THAT'S the good stuff!!

  8. This looks great!! I wish more bloggers over here in New England got together...hm, guess I should gather my own "cool kids" haha


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