Beauty and The Defeat

As women, we are naturally beautiful. 
Without make up. 
Without diamonds. 
Without glitter. 
Our King of kings makes us sparkle. When you live for the Lord beauty pours from your soul. It's true. Have you met a Godly woman who was ugly? No. Why? Because the Lord isn't physically attracted to us. He isn't concerned with our haircuts or our gel nails. He is attracted to the beauty in our hearts, and when your heart is beautiful, you are beautiful.

I wrote this post many month ago and stumbled upon it today. Sometimes the Lords needs to remind me that what I am looking for, is already in my heart. I need to cast out the worldly things and embrace the love I already posses. 

Read the rest of the post here. (errors and all) 

Encourage one another, sweet friends. Lift each other up. Most importantly, let Jesus lead your heart. 



  1. Aleks,you rock! What an encouraging post to read! I don't know what grade you want to teach, but your heart would be GREAT for Middle School, so many girls need to be filled with this truth, especially at that age! Thank you for this post!


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