Did you know? Ten Random Factoids.

I was inspired by this post to share a few tidbits about myself. so....

Did you know...

1. I prefer to drink room temperature beverages. I like my water, pop, and even some beer mildly warm. 

2. I went to three different high schools in two different states. 

3. My husband and I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time. Yeah, that oral surgeon got a total of 8 wacky chompers from us. 

4. At some time or another during my childhood we had chickens, a goat, a cow, hogs, and even pigeons. 

5. I spent my childhood in Southern California. (Figure that one with number 4)

6. I don't eat "ugly" pieces of my food. 

7. I have a terrible, nasty addiction to frozen burritos. 

8. I have two middle names, giving me a total of 29 letters in my entire name. 

9. I am adoredly in love with yellow. 

10. My dream vacation includes board games, snugly fires, and sweatpants. (also see: addiction to games) 

Now tell me, what don't I know about you? 


  1. Yay for saying pop! My husband and I love love love playing board games too!!

  2. so based on #1 and #7 we are meant to be friends!!!

  3. We have a closet filled with games and puzzles. Recently we just purchased Ticket to Ride. If you haven't played it you should check it out!

  4. Seriously. Frozen burritos and room temp water are my jam. Both totally freak my husband out, so it's a good think we don't eat lunch together.

  5. I love the one about "ugly" food lol I have lots of quirks but one is I can't read a magazine with folded/bent/crinkled pages. DRIVES ME CRAZY

  6. Hilarious! I tend not to read magazines unless they come in sealed plastic.... Don't even get me started on those filthy magazines that lounge around doctors offices, covered in germy, bacteria infested, filth.

  7. I LOVE POSTS LIKE THIS!!!! I also won't eat "ugly" pieces of food. I think one of my craziest quirks is that I WILL NOT go to bed without a shower first. I just wont. I can't stand the idea of sleeping while "dirty"….I mean really…how dirty can I possibly be?? lol

  8. Right! Ugly pieces of food just creep me out. I'm not sure how dirty you can really be, but I suppose your sheets are always rather clean!

  9. such a cute pic!!!! you already know my wisdom teeth story...but I would like to hear more about yours!!!!! and I too used to Love frozen burritos..not so much anymore but they are dangerously good!


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