INSPIRE Series: Encouragement (by Amy Mull)

Today's story is being shared by a high school friend of mine, Amy. She has a sincere heart filled with passion and encouragement.

         Long story short: since I was 19 I have been in a string of horrible relationships and breakups. Each new person felt like a tornado and I was the house it was ripping through. When it finally was over I was in shambles and little bits and pieces of myself were littered everywhere on the ground spread for miles.

 How did this happen every time? What was the problem? Maybe it was the kind of person I was attracted to. Maybe it was me. Maybe this. Maybe that. 

Here I was 23 years old, broken, shattered, and a bit bruised. I poured alcohol (usually vodka) straight from the bottle onto the cuts and scrapes that littered the surface of my heart just to feel something again. I had lost myself under so much hate, jealousy, and insecurities I could not trust even the closest friends and family. I felt let down even before I shook somebody's hand to meet them. It wasn't until my 24th birthday that I decided I wanted to see my 25th. I had been functioning in survival mode and I had realized that this was only a short term solution to a lifelong problem. 

I don't know how or when it happened but somehow I lost everything I loved about me. I literally looked into the mirror and did not recognize the person in it. I forgot about my goals and investing in my future. I needed someone to save me. I needed to be pulled from the waters of self doubt and self loathing. 

image.jpegThen.... I woke up one morning and decided I was going to save myself. That I was once a strong individual that could lead and motivate people and I could be that once more. I had everything I needed and I could not afford to waste another second trying to define myself through all of my failed attempts. From then on I defined myself through the times I never gave up. 

My passion is to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals. To nurture. To grow. To make something out of nothing and to find inner strength. 

I am strong enough to be me. I am 3 months away from my 25th birthday and I am glad to be alive and well.

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