INSPIRE Series: Called to Community (by Annie Martin)

Today is Good Friday. To the follower of Jesus, today is a big deal. We tend to focus on Easter Sunday and the resurrection and all the beauty that holds. And we need to. Without Easter Sunday, Good Friday is just Friday. But in the mists of all the preparation and celebration we forget what Friday really looks like. We forget what really happened.
How beautiful are these words written so long before they would ever come to pass. I love The Message’s translation. Friends, did you see it? There was nothing about him that made us look at him, nothing beautiful about him because he was pressed down holding the burden of our sin. He carried the weight of it his whole life on earth. He was a man of sorrow longing for us to come to him. He took the punishment for us without a word. And it was the plan all along. He was the perfect spotless lamb of sacrifice.
Today as we look toward Easter Sunday, we know that death was defeated. Jesus is alive and active in our lives. He is at the right hand of the Father waiting for God to say, “It’s time Son, go get them.” We have hope. We know that He is coming for us. And we wait … together.
As followers of Jesus, we are not alone. We are a family. We have each other to lean on to and encourage and comfort. We are called to live in community with one another. We eat together, we dig into the word together, we laugh and we cry together. We care for each other’s kids. We pray for and with each other. No Friends, we are not alone. We have each other.
Sometimes we forget that the church doesn't always look pretty. Life, we know is messy. But so is the church, because the church is made up of real people. And that friends, is why we need each other.  We have to stop hiding behind pretty doors and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. We have to talk honestly. We have to encourage each other to press on. Who are you investing in? Who are you encouraging?
I want to challenge you today. Wherever you are, you are not there on accident. You've been placed with a purpose to make much of Him and make Him known. You are there for such a time as this. Take a step outside your front door. Have a seat on your door mat. Pray for each person who steps over it. Look up and pray for every other front door you see. Ask the Lord to show you who around you needs to know that upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed?

About the author:

Annie is a stay at home mom who is learning as she goes. She is on a journey to find health and wholeness in Jesus Christ. You can read more about her at her blog, 

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