INSPIRE Series: Cultivating Your Strengths (by Amy Cornwell)


Hi everyone! I'm Amy from and I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday Aleks!!" What a fun thing Aleks is doing this month sharing inspiration on her blog from women around the web. Too cool. As I said, I'm Amy and I create jewelry to celebrate life's events. I've been in business for over 10 years and am about to celebrate my 3rd year working for myself full-time. I live in Central Indiana with my husband and two kiddos.
Today I just simply wanted to inspire you with some thoughts about our strengths and weaknesses. So many of us are taught from a young age (and especially in college and job training) to focus on bettering our weaknesses. Of course, trying to transform our weaknesses can be good thing but I really feel like we need to turn that thought process around and focus on enhancing our strengths. Strengths are what comes most natural to us. Strengths are innately IN us. Strengths pour OUT of us. Strengths are what God has given us.

 In the book Now, Discover Your Strengths, the authors say,
"the secret to their success lies in their ability to discover their strengths and to organize their life so that these strengths can be applied."
Can't you just imagine what life would be like if we stopped focusing so much on changing our weaknesses and instead focused on our strengths? I know I would be happier and more successful if I would build on my strengths and trust the God-given gifts that I have. Our talents are what makes us unique. They're what endures people to us. They're what makes us who we are. I want to leave you today with this quote because I think it's so appropriate...
Build upon your strengths, and your weaknesses will take care of themselves. (source)
Now tell us in the comments, what are your strengths and how are you going to start cultivating them?


  1. I love this idea magnify our strengths. Even after reading this post it's hard for me to say that I am good at making art and being creative. I think it's like you said, we have been bombard with the idea of bettering our weaknesses. I am going to be working on focusing on my strengths this week! Thanks for the awesome post! And I love your last name:)

  2. I, too, find it hard to acknowledge my strengths. I think it also has to do with the idea that we aren't supposed to brag about ourselves. Because of this we end up focusing on the negative and spend our time thinking we aren't good enough. Amy really hit it with this post! Thanks for sopping by Lauren, so funny that you two have the same last name!

  3. Hey name sharer! :) Thanks for the sweet comment. I think it is hard to admit that we're good at something, but it's okay (in humility) to accept the gifts/strengths that we're given and sharing them with others. God gave us these strengths to better other people's lives. You're supposed to acknowledge that gift and make someone's life better with your art! Yay for focusing on our strengths! Get 'em girl!


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