INSPIRE Series: Curating a Personal Style (by Valerie Carter)

    Spending the first seven years of my adult life in the beauty industry taught me so much about external beauty. And while I'll be the first to admit that inner beauty is truly what matters, I feel that physical beauty has congruent importance. It is a direct platform of presenting your inner beauty to the world.

I began cosmetology school like most other hairstylists do…lusting over hair… with a strong general focus on vanity. But, what I never was prepared for was the relationships with clients and where those relationships would lead my passion. I cared about each and every one of them. As I got to know each client I fell in love with their souls. I would start to see their external beauty differently. I learned to love all types of people along the way. All a very unexpected twist on this career that I originally thought was strictly the "outside appearance." What I found myself wanting more than anything after I was a "mature" stylist, was so badly to enhance their natural features and bring out their inner beauty by helping curate their very own personal style that matched what was "inside." We have all been created one of a kind…completely unique. While I no longer stand behind a chair, I'm still passionate about helping others bring their inside out while simultaniously enhancing and embracing their own natural physical beauty. 

 Hair, makeup, clothes, & such…they get a bad rap sometimes. Being misinterupreted  as "vain" and almost "sinful" in some people's eyes. What I want to share with you and challenge you to today is to think about how your physical appearance shows the rest of the world who you are…..or maybe even who you aren't! I love this quote :

Obviously my professional experience with "style" is limited to hair and makeup but I feel like I have been studying style as a whole nearly my entire life. Rachel Zoe says it so well. I love spending time and putting time and energy into presenting myself to the world in such a way that I HOPE people feel like they might know a little bit about me just by my hair, makeup, and clothing. Bright colors and fun prints are my favorite to wear…I hope they show that I'm playful, not afraid to make a mistake, and a very confident person. My hair often conveys the same qualities of mine-- from bold mega volume or a crazy printed or sparkly headband. It all is a reflection that I just want to have fun in life!

While I have an intense passion for style and beauty, I realize not the whole world does. But, surely you care enough about representing who you are to take some interest in your outward appearance. It can be a simple as wearing an accessory every single day that may represent your faith or yellow nail polish that would instantly make me think of sunshine in your soul! It's like a business' logo and marketing! I challenge you tomorrow morning when you are getting ready  to channel the inner YOU... Not the "Style" magazine spread featuring Mila Kunis or Heidi Klum. 

Just be you.


If anything I wrote about struck a chord, or sparked an interest I would highly recommend The Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas. To say she is an inspiration to me would be an understatement. She has devoted her whole life to everything I've written about today. This book is largely on whats going on in the inside and ends with how to bring that inner beauty out in a way thats only perfect for YOU! It's truly worth your time if you have any interest in curating a personal style that represents the beautiful & unique person you are on the inside.

About the author: 

Hey ya'll! I'm Val, the blogger behind 
Chicken Scratch. I'm a hair designer turned Mama who lives life creatively. From crafts, playdates, DIY, hair & beauty, fashion, and just nonsense in general…

I hope that today I can INSPIRE you to just be YOU!


  1. Thanks so much Aleks for asking me to write for this series!

  2. This post is so you Valerie! Such a testament to who you really are! So thankful that your gift as a stylist brought me to your chair and now you are one of my besties! LOVE YOU!!

  3. So glad you wrote with your heart on this post! I truly adore it.....and am know rethinking these sweats and top knot I am rocking.....


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