INSPIRE Series: Let's Be Sisters (by Melinda Cadwallader)

Let’s Be Sisters
by Melinda Cadwallader
“Gah! “ She exclaimed, “Those shoes are so great and girl -your hair today- BOOM, you nailed it!”

 Blushing, my face began to glow and I politely thanked her while continuing to set up my station for the day. Little did she know her words and enthusiasm had just made my day. It had been a rough morning at home and I came into the salon that day with a fog of depression looming over my shoulder.

It was tough being a single mother; funds were tight, responsibilities were high and my boyfriend and I had just broken up. I was feeling used, lonely and had just noticed I gained a few pounds. Nice.

Her words lifted my spirits and I felt beautiful and confident again. That’s all it took. All I really needed was some reassurance of the value of my presence. I looked down at my schedule for the day; it was booked with great guests. Reminded of the greater purpose of my day, I was restored back to joy, by the encouragement of a sister.

I hear the rising rally cry of sisterhood within this family of faith we are in. We long to see each other as true sisters: linking arms as a family; empowering and encouraging one another with the love and devotion as that of a royal bloodline. This is a wild and fierce season to be a woman of faith and I am absolutely captivated with being a pillar amidst the journey.

But after the pep-rally is over, how do we begin? How can we begin changing this culture of competition and sibling rivalry that has been oppressing us for so long if we have never seen what it looks like to do it?  It’s like telling a young boy to just “Be a man!”, when he was raised by a single mother and without positive male influences in his life.

We can only change a culture if we begin to live it out individually, on our own first. God is doing something new with us girls, and if we want to be a part of it, we must begin living out new behaviors.

For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by god power. – 
I Corinthians 4:20

Coming from 16 years within the beauty industry, I have seen it all. The incredible beauty and immense power of women united as well as the crippling, hostility of women who contend.  If only we had more matriarchs in our life, showing us what that looks like, how to respond in love and speak truth in love.

My dear, you are a matriarch. You are called to be the one who lives out the picture of a big sister, the one we all wish we had in our life. This world needs to see you and witness your practices that define a Kingdom-minded woman.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised by your father, if you grew up in a home with all brothers or if you never had a little sister to nurture.  God has given you a heart that is capable of loving, empowering and caring for others.  You are now part of a family of believers, so consider your sisters in Christ the very community to begin living out the woman you always wanted in your own life. 

Daughters, let’s get started, today.  

·        *  Discover her. What makes her unique? What gifts and talents does she have that bless others? Let her know she is seen and heard.

·        * Celebrate her.  Her qualities are marvelous – tell her! And then tell others about her, too!

·        *  Empower her.  Encourage her to grow and develop her talents; to remain steadfast in honoring God with the gift he gave her! Remind her of her essential place in this world.

·         * Equip her.  Look for ways to build her self-esteem; pick up a book or magazine that is in line with her creative nature; send her bible verses or quotes that speak to her uniqueness. Be alert to anything that could bless and strengthen her.

·         * Inspire her. Spur her on to bigger thinking. Ask questions to challenge her, encouraging her to dream with God about his plan for her life. Connect her with other people you know who may want to team up with her!

·        *  Support her.  Give her wings for her journey; Cover her in prayer – lift her up and relay anything God puts on your heart for her. Be the first one to show up at her art showing, the one who brings the most guests to her book signing or the cheerleader rooting her on from the sidelines. Whatever the avenue that she is traveling, show up and let your presence speak of her value in your life.

We are changing the old culture even as we speak, it is happening all around. The old is gone and the new is here. Let’s remain in tune with God; in-line with what he is doing. Sisters, let’s begin to live as a matriarch in this broken world. Let’s be women who are setting the standard, women whose hearts are living reflections of the Father and women who love each other as sisters.



About the author:
Melinda is a wife, mother of 3 and a glamour enthusiast who enjoys all things cottage living; from raising chickens and gardening to home cooked meals and living whimsically on a shoe string budget; all without losing her zeal for fabulous makeup, good hair color and swanky shoes. Melinda is a writer and speaker whose aim is to empower and equip women to come alive as the lead character of their own life’s novel, creating a great adventure with a confident faith. She is currently writing her first book, A New Matriarch, that speaks of strategies for living as a woman of influence.


  1. Wow! Thank you for the encouragement. I loved this post!

  2. This is just beautiful! Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Lauren! Im excited about where women are going - and Im even more excited about how we are going to greater unite in the process! xoxoxo

  4. Thank you, Annie, I appreciate your kind words!


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