INSPIRE Series: Seek His Face (by Ashley Flores)

 Sometimes I don't like to read my Bible.
That may sound like a shock to some of you, but it's the truth. I never want y'all to get a picture painted in your minds that I have this whole spending-quiet-time-with-God thing down. In fact, since people ask me so often what my quiet time looks like on average, I'm going to post about that later this week (...brace yourselves!).
When I recommitted my life to Christ in 2010, reading the Bible was how I spent most of my free time. No matter what I was reading, I craved more. I fully accepted that I knew absolutely nothing but that Christ was sent to be the sacrifice for my sins, and that I needed to grow closer to God through Him. I went to church every Sunday, and three (sometimes four) Bible studies a week. I was reading popular, and not so popular, books by Christian authors and texting my pastor on the regular with questions.
Shortly after I got married in 2011, my husband brought to my attention that I'd never read through the entire Bible. To be honest, I'd never really thought about it and was perfectly find just being spiritually fed from the snippets I received from sermons and what not. I remember thinking to myself, "Read the whole Bible? Who does that?!"
Well, God must've told him what I was thinking because before I could express my seemingly justifiable feelings he said something along the lines of:
"Think about it this way. If someone gave you a book and said all of the answers to life were placed in it directly from the mouth of God, why wouldn't you read it?"
*insert look of shame here*
Yep, I've got me a good one! At that very moment, I considered myself enlightened...and challenged. I took the following summer reading through the New Testament, and that autumn, we completed the Bible in 90 Days challenge together. I don't think I have ever pushed myself that hard to complete something in my life! It was intense, but definitely worth it. I remember having a fire in my heart and a desire to grab my Bible, or open my app, whenever I could. I was hungry for more. A very close friend of mine was reading along with us and I remember she and I talking about how we had to stop from reading ahead sometimes because we wanted to know what happened next. But when it was over, life got busy, my personal life got heavy, and somewhere in the fog of it all my desire to read the Bible regularly started to fade.

Today, I'm still in somewhat of a "funk". My life is filled with joy by the blessings God has given me; a loving husband, a beautiful daughter filled with happiness, friends, a job, creative outlets to pour out my passions...but am I missing something? Am I missing Him? Have I become so content with the blessings that I'm not craving Him like I used to?

The answer is yes and no.

I need to refuel and fall back in love with resting at the feet of Jesus.

There's peace there, hope lives there.

Today, I want to encourage you to go live out Psalm 27:8 in your life.

When truly making a difference in our week, in our lives, we must start at the beginning. And in the beginning it was all about Him.

Ashley Danielle

About the author:

Ashley is a wife, writer, spoken word artist, youth mentor and YouTube vlogger who loves sunny, Southern days where she can spend time with family and friends on a porch with a glass of sweet tea. Her life's passion is to please God by serving her husband, Shelton and daughter, Felicity Grace, while helping guide young girls along a path of purity, confidence and self-love. She blogs regularly at

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