Five reasons to chose Hello Awesome for a logo designer.

     Out with the old in with the new! It is Spring around here, and we are enjoying the most delightful weather. My favorite things about Spring are change and color. There is so much change going on here at the Slocum house this season and it only seemed fit to start here. The AMAZING Jacy from Hello Awesome has designed our new blog logo! What do you think of it?? It has just enough color and style while keeping the minimal design that I like. 
     Why should you chose Hello Awesome to design a logo for you? Thankfully Jacy was sweet enough to give me an interview, and I have five answers for you! 

1. Tell me about Hello Awesome
For me, the name embodies a lifestyle. We should wake up every day and say hello to the awesome life God has given us. Hello Awesome is an online boutique that specializes in touching hearts through products and services. I create inspirational wall art, self-publish books and gifts. 

2. What inspires your creativity?
The beauty of my surroundings and life. It’s easy to find creative elements when we know the Ultimate Creator. I also love to draw ideas from fellow bloggers, design magazines, home décor sites and the endless possibilities of a color wheel. 

3. What have you learned about owning a shop?
Quality is better than quantity. Sure having a lot of stuff will eventually get you a sale but be happy with your inventory at all times. Some times I've listed things I loved but no one bought it and other times the item wasn't my favorite but people ate it up. As long as the product is true to who I am and what I believe, that is success in and of itself.  

4. How has faith shaped your journey?
It is the very breath that I breathe. Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and seeing all that He has done has transformed me. Instead of creativity being selfish, it is now being used as a tool in ministry. I've received so many comments from people who were moved by a painting or print. Art wouldn't be the same without God because He created all that is possible. The greatest Artist is leading this journey that I’m on and it blesses my heart daily.

5. What is your mission?
My mission is to reach the hearts of women of all ages and speak God’s love into their lives. We've all been lonely, hurting through trials and feeling low within our self-worth. The Lord made Himself known to me at the age of 22. I was impure, promiscuous in my emotions and physical body. My definition of love was tainted and twisted by the false doctrine of this world. Through my writing and art, I want to tell every young lady that they no longer have to search for true love. Jesus has already been waiting this entire time!

If this little interview wasn't enough check out her work: 

Did I forget to mention that Jacy doesn't JUST design logos? OH NO! She is an artist. And she creates beautiful pieces. Check out these gorgeous prints. 

I own two of her pieces and now a fancy new logo, but believe me, I cannot wait to add to my collection. Looking to pick up some of her work or spice up your blog/shop? Check her out at

THANK YOU so much Jacy! You are a beautiful person, and you are making this world beautiful one art piece at at time! 


  1. I love the new light, bright, & airy logo :)

  2. This was so sweet!! Thank you for blessing me with your words, friend :) It was my pleasure creating your new logo!

  3. How beautiful! Simple and sweet. Perfect. ;)

  4. You're right, perfect for spring!


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