INSPIRE Series: Be True To Yourself (by Kelly Alberts)

     Creativity has always been a huge part of me…Since I was a little tiny girl, I have always been crazy into drawing..painting..writing stories…taking lots and lots of pictures….you name it..i was doing it…(and obviously this was way WAY before Pinterest..haha) I may have not been the coolest cat in the cave growing up…well at least not to some people…but I didn’t care…I had fun making leaf painted lampshades..and going to star wars conventions…that is just me…so when it came time for me to choose what i was going to do for the rest of my life (yea..cuz every 18 year old knows that)..I chose Journalism…Something I thought was going to be this amazing journey…truth is…the type of person I am..I gotta be involved..hands on…so after a year at Ball State University..I left to pursue a career as a Hair Designer…..not exactly or even close to what I thought I would be doing..but something made me think “I can do that!” After graduating from Cosmetology school and starting 2 days later as an Assistant at Salon 01 in Carmel, IN….I began my journey to becoming a hair designer…..I worked hard for a year and gradually started doing hair on my own…After countless hours of education…a lot of hard work…& 7 1/2 years later..I have now been promoted multiple times and am currently a Level 3 Hair Designer at Salon 01…The people I work with are like my second family…they know me inside and out..and  I love them all so much it should probably be illegal..(haha)…They accept me for me..and love the creative flair I bring to the salon..and obviously my dorkiness. Its amazing to think that I almost didn’t work here and could have been in a job I didn’t love….but luckily now I get to use a bit of my Journalism education and write my blog “Sequins & Scissors”…Moral of the story…Be true to yourself..even if its not “cool”.

About the author: 

  Kelly is a hair designer, photographer, and artist. She lives in central Indiana with her two pups and husband. 


  1. Aww Kelly..I love all your personality. Your so well rounded and interesting. You are so true to yourself…more so than most people that I know.
    Remember your first day at the salon??? I basically messed up Barb's color. BAHAHHAAHH that was prob my worst training moment…glad you didn't pick up that "skill" from me


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