Want to know five things I am LOVING this Friday?

Happy Friday friends! 
Here are five things I am ridiculously thrilled about. 

1. I am loving the summer line of THESE headbands. I have the purple & gold and the pink hex pattern from this set. 

2. THIS song has been my jam this week. I can't help but sing and dance along to it. 

3. I am super ecstatic to add THIS print and THIS print to my already growing collection of her prints. 

4. THESE make me a very happy girl. I can't wait to get started! 

5. The feel goods I get just knowing we are marking THIS off our bucket list in 14 days! 

What are your Friday Fives? What five things have you been impatient, excited, or just plain giddy about? Share with us! 


  1. !!!!!Hope you LOVE your headbands!!!!!! :-) You will love CO!! Sorta jealous of that trip!!!!

  2. You are too sweet, girl! Loving those headbands and congrats on the trip :))


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