We have big news!

     We are finally moving into a house! Yep, that little one in the above picture!! Same state, same city. Apartment dwelling has been real fun, don't get me wrong. Free gym, pool, and parking lots used to be our jam. But after spending out first two years of marriage climbing stairs just to get to our humble abode and sharing walls with people we don't know (no, we don't know our neighbors) we are ready to move on up, er, well down. We are ready to literally live on the ground. 
This move has been our minds and hearts a LOT lately. Is it the right time? Will we be able to find a home for rent that isn't a eleventy million dollars? Can we afford this? (homes are plenty more than apartments in this city) 
     We were looking for 5 things in a home:
1. Yard. Plenty of back yard. 
2. Garage. 
3. Two bathrooms. 
4. Windows. Plenty of sunlit windows. 
5. Affordable rent. 
     Many prayers have been answered with this little home. It has a nice sized backyard, although living with a 6 foot by 5 foot balcony the last two years, anything on the ground is nice sized to us. As you can see above there is a garage to store junk in. Lord knows, I have junk. Thankfully we found something with two bathrooms. I can't truly explain it, but I absolutely hate sharing my bathroom. It's not that I think other people are gross, but I am. I like to have my things all over the place. I like my hairdryer to hang out in the sink, my dry shampoo to be right next the toothbrushes, and I love searching for my bobby pins on the counter. You might think my home is organized, but guess again. My bathroom counter is like the Bermuda Triangle. So, being able to to keep my personal things in the fashion that I enjoy, I like my guests to be able to use an organized bathroom. On to the windows. I cannot tell you how gloomy it is sometimes living in between two other units. I have windows in the front of the apartment and windows in the back, but either side of the apartment shares a wall with another unit. So being able to open the windows and have my entire home sunlit sounds heavenly. After a while of searching for a home to rent, we were seriously striking out. Buuuuuuut, buying a home is not in the "story" right now. We seriously struck gold when I found this home on Craigslist. We had already struck out twice with that darn website, those are stories for later. I told myself that if this house was a bust, I was done and we would forever apartment dwell. God had other plans. 
     It might be a quaint little house, but it is perfect for us. There are seriously so many things I love about this place, but I'll save those for another post. Prepare yourselves for many posts of paint colors, Polyvore boards, and furniture renos (because we finally have a garage and space to use the power tools!) 


  1. Woohoo! House! Windows! Paint! Congrats!

  2. Yay house, and yay not sharing a bathroom! Josh has a frat house bathroom and I have one with a chevron shower curtain. I am also sorts of thankful for having my own! Your house is really cute!!

  3. Yay!!! Apartment living can be tight and boring sometimes...I was so sick of our apartment...but now with more space =more cleaning...hahaha :-) Have fun!

  4. what neighborhood?!?!?!??!?!


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