Be our guest? Guest Bathroom Reveal

   It seems like it is taking a million years to get this house together. Granted, we have only lived here for less than two months, but I yearn for the moment I can walk through my door and see this house exactly as I envision it. I know it will take time (and money...don't tell my husband). I know, I know. I will just take this one room at a time, and eventually I will fall in love with this little old house. 
  If you ever plan to visit my home chances are you will need the Lou, lavatory, bathroom, or powder room. Whatever you call it, you will most likely see it. With this in mind the guest bathroom was on my priority list.
   The guest bath at our apartment was the only room I was completely satisfied with in regards to decor. So obviously I had to bring it to the new place. This is the only room in my house that you will not find gray. It is also the only room you will find brown. I'm not a brown decor kind of gal. To be frank (can I call you frank?), I'm not certain I even like the color. I ADORE gray. It is kind of becoming an obsession and taking over every wall in my home.... 
  My first order of business (insert business in the bathroom joke here) was to give the bathroom a fresh, clean coat of white paint. But then I remembered I needed to patch up a terribly horrible wall situation. So that was fun. Seriously, who rents a house to someone looking like this? 
Just call me Handy Nanny! 
Go ahead, you know you want to. 

But then again... who accepts a rental agreement with a wall looking like that.... We do. 
No worries though, I know my way around putty and a patch.
Now I just need to figure out to clean that nasty rust.

Ready for a photo spill of the good stuff?? 
Here is our new guest bathroom!! 

Shelves: Garden Ridge
Reed Diffuser: Garden Ridge
Shower Curtain: Home Goods
Rug: Meijer
Basket: Meijer 
Towels: Meijer
Owl Soap Dispenser: Meijer 
Bird Cage: Michael's 
Blessed Book: Gift
Lace Hoop Art: Wedding Decor 
Wooden Sign: Meijer 
Flowers in basket: Wedding Decor

What does your guest bathroom look like?
Do you have a post about it? Share your link in the comments, I'd love to see it! 


  1. I love that shower curtain and kudos on the spackle job!

  2. I am so loving this home tour!!! Your house it looking great friend!

  3. It looks so beautiful! I love the cute little frame and the owl soap dispenser ^^



  4. Pretty! Love the green shower curtain!


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