Happy Anniversary, Love.

So, I met a guy. Like, the cutest guy with the sweetest smile and the softest conversation. Then I started dating this guy. Dating of course lead to engagement which inevitably brought upon marriage. I can't believe it has been six years since I laid eyes this guy and two years, today, since we said "I Do". 
I don't have any words of marital wisdom. This isn't one of those popular posts about how my husband isn't my soul mate. This is just a post about moments in our lives that I wish to cherish forever, and about love. I love him. That guy I met on the sidewalk, playing corn hole in front his fraternity, I love him. The guy who was totally shirtless, so naturally I called dibs, I love him. The sensible engineering student with a romantic side, I am in love with him. We don't have a whirlwind romance story to tell or a big, romantic gesture of a proposal to relive. We met in June and started dating in July. We dated for two years and then got engaged. After a two year engagement we got married. 
Here is a quick recap of our love story. 
The past two years have taught me a lot about loving myself and showing kindness and grace to another person. I won't lie, we lived together before we got married, but marriage is totally different. I can't explain why. It just is. Everything changes when you are married. 
Our first date was so awkward. I had recently moved to Indiana from Southern California and was *partially* vegetarian at the time. I didn't eat red meats and it was seldom that I would eat poultry. I thought Brad was going to think I was some kind of tree hugging, animal saving nut job (I was, though). In an effort to show him I was normal (I'm still not normal)  I ordered a big ol'e bowl of chicken. Brad, bless his heart, wanted to be considerate of my choices so he ordered a little salad for his dinner. So here we sat at Applebee's with plates of dinner destined for the other person just to impress one another. Let's just say we are still completely awkward but now I have the salad and he has the meat. 
Our engagement was somewhat of a debacle. There was a lot of arguing that day not to mention Brad forgot to bring the ring. But that is another post all in itself. 
Marriage is like jumping off a cliff, but knowing your parachute will open. My husband is my parachute and no matter what sort of mess I get myself I am so blessed he is there to catch me. 

To the love of my life, 
What an adventure we are on. I am so blessed and grateful to have this gift of marriage to share with you. Thank you for the late night conversations, the early morning coffee kisses, and all the time we get to spend together in between. I feel like these last few years have been eternity. Like, when I look at you I can't shake the feeling that I have known you all of my life. Thank you for putting our little family first, for working so diligently, and for the grace you show me each day. Happy second anniversary! Marriage is pretty cool. 

(of course this is a photo montage....)







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