The act of being saved from sin is redemption. And while it is fully evident through Christ's public display of affection that He has redeemed all of us, we are still given small tokens to remind us. These acts of redemption are personal. They are just for us. They are to remind us that even through struggle, heartbreak, and loss we are God's. He will provide. He will lift us up out of our sin, out of our heartbreak, out of our struggle, and redeem us. God will love us. 
Oh, and how He loves us. 
He has redeemed my family. He has seen two lives torn from divorce and brought them together to create a perfectly modpodged family filled with His grace and love. He has created this family not because we love one another, but because He loves us. Because He is the redeemer. Because He knew what we needed, and He always provides. Always.
 I am so blessed to call these crazy people my family. We have endured an ultimate heartbreak together as well as a joyous celebration all within the same month. We have endured nights of nonstop laughter and giggles as well as anger and hurt feelings. We aren't from the same wombs, the same blood line, or the same side of the country. But we are. We are from the same God and he has redeemed us. He has given us new life to celebrate his love and his grace. Lord, I am so grateful for the hearts you have brought together not only to love each other, but to love in you and delight in you. 

p.s. We totally loved pizza night! 

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Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.