Summer Home Tours: Welcome to My Home Studio

   When Valerie mentioned starting a home tour series I thought it sounded pretty awesome. When she asked me join in I thought she was crazy. Not only was I in the middle of a move, vacation, and school, I clearly lack all sense of style. I said yes because 1. I totally wanted to be a part of this fun! and 2. I thought it would give me the push I needed to finally finish my studio. 
   I would love to share with you pictures of my rustic entry way, my vintage kitchen, and my coastal inspired master bedroom..... but I just made all of that up. I am still semi-living out of boxes in some of my rooms. And lets not even talk about the disaster of our kitchen. Lets just say it is a GREAT feeling knowing we are renting. 
   My lack of interior design skills is rather surprising considering my dad's so great at it. So, until I spruce up the rest of my home (or pay someone to do it...Jessica, I know you are reading this), you will have to settle with one room at a time. 
   I have been pinning and pinning and pinning photos of studios and home offices that I completely adore. I finally chose a couple ideas that I thought would work well with the "girly subtle romantic" vibe. Yes, I also just made that up. So, without further ado I am SUPER excited to share with you my new home studio!! 

The prints are from Hello Awesome Shop... I seriously adore Jacy and her talent! She designed my blog header for me too.  The "S" is a piece from my wedding. I could't part with my wedding decor (obviously) so you will be seeing a lot of it in this room. Both the thread and bobbin rack were Goodwill finds that I spruced up. 

My window sills make up for my lack of fireplace mantle. This entire sill is from my wedding centerpieces. I really couldn't part with those handmade flowers. 

This desk was a labor of love, but it is now my favorite piece in my house right now! It was handed down to me from my Aunt and I wanted to keep it in the family. 

This is pretty much where all of the Aleks Handmade softies are cut, sewn, stuffed, and fluffed. Then they live in these bins (today they are sunbathing) while they wait for their Forever Home. 

You know how some people collect wine corks in glass jars? I'm not that cool. I collect empty thread spools. I don't have plans for them, they just sit in a glass jar on my shelf. If you know me at all you know I cannot resist candy! Oh hello pot o' dum dums! The yellow bird was a 25 cent score at a yard sale and the journal was a gift. (Guess where the twine balls are from. My wedding) 

 I love a clean and airy closet. All those books up there? They are cookbooks. I like to hoard collect them.
This dress form is made of some kind of cardboard and metal brads. It was literally falling apart when I got it. I just modpodged a few book pages over it and thought it turned out nicely The flowers and chalkboard are from my wedding centerpieces. 

 This is where I do my blogging and idea planning. The dresser holds *most of my fabric. But lets be real, I am on the look out for another one. Just like my spool hoarding, I cannot say no to fabric... I pretty much LOVE these prints. The two on the left are from Hello Awesome Shop (again) and the one on the right was a gift from Val, and its by Pearls and Prints. 

Last but not least is my hoop wall. Most of these are from my wedding. One was a gift and one was created at a craft night at Amanda's house two summers ago. 
The light is from Lowe's and the shade is from Goodwill (as is a lot of decor in this room). I am on the hunt for the perfect shade, but for right now this one will have to suffice. 

I hoped you enjoyed this room as much as I do! Thanks for stopping in for a little peak at a small part of my home! 

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  1. omgosh…this space is soooooooo pretty. I love it. I just want to grab a cup of wine and sit in there. It looks so so peaceful! You did an amazing job.
    p.s. I LOOOOOVE that you have those empty thread spools in a jar. That is brilliant.
    Thanks for contributing to the series. xo

  2. I LOVE your studio space! The coral painted wall turned out great. It looks so organized and pretty!! That desk is awesome!!

  3. Love your creative space!!!!!!

  4. Oh it is all just GORGEOUS and so creative!!! I think you are pretty darn cool, my friend! And you have a GIFT for design. Go figure... apparently a NO brainer here!! I just love your 'space'. :)

  5. Thanks for inviting me to join in! It really was the push I needed to get this room finished!

  6. Thanks Jessica! The desk is my favorite part!

  7. Thanks Amber! We need to have a scrap party like SUPER soon!

  8. Chris! Thanks for stopping by! Your words are so kind! Let's just hope the rest of my home turns out as awesome!

  9. This space is absolutely stunning and SO SO you! Much love and I'm going to be ordering one of those cuties soon for a baby shower!

  10. Your sewing desk. Pink drawer inside? LOVE.

  11. So so cute!! I love the sweetness of it and all the personal touches :) What an honor to be included in your space, love ya girl xo


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