In the Spring of 2014 a group of amazing women got together to share inspiring stories with the rest of the world. Here they are, just for you.

1. Spiritual Gifts (by Amber Meyers)                          4.7.14
2.Cultivating Your Strengths (by Amy Cornwell)         4.8.14
3. Testimony (by Chrissy Boerman)                          4.10.14
4. Live Your Life With Purpose (by Faith Konrath)   4.11.14
5. Encouragement (by Amy Mull)                              4.12.14
6. Let's Be Sisters (by Melinda Cadwallader)            4.13.14
7. A Glorious Place of Loss. (by Samantha Schultz)   4.15.14
8. Curating a Personal Style (by Valerie Carter)         4.16.14
9. Judas Encounter: A Sideline Easter Story (by Sarah Yoder)     4.17.2014
10. Called to Community (by Annie Martin)               4.18.14
11. Letting It Go (by Stephanie Hinderer)                   4.22.14
12. Leap of Faith (by Jessica Stout)                            4.23.14
13. Fall Into Great Things (by Leslie Zimmerman)        4.24.14
15.Seek His Face (by Ashley Flores)                          4.25.14
16. No More Excuses (by Christine Trevino)               4.28.14
17. Comparison The Sneaky Shifty Eyed Thief Of Joy (by Lauren Cornwell) 4.29.14
18. Shine Bright (by Nay Soriano)                               4.30.14
19. Hey! Remember that time God paid our bills? (by Heather Long) 5.1.14
20. Be True To Yourself (by Kelly Alberts) 5.2.14

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