Meet The Slocums

Hello! Thanks for popping in! 
We're The Slocums. Brad and Aleks to be exact. 

I'm Aleks. Wife. Student. Auntie. Sister to five. Master of the sewing machine and lover of fabrics. I'm an Elementary Education student with a passion to inspire, lead, and encourage our youth. I love coffee, Mexican food, warm blankets, baby snuggles, & Jesus. i really love food. I can recite the entire script from Grease, Moulin Rouge, Rent, and Chicago. My go-to playlist includes, The Civil War's, Johnnyswim, Walk Off The Earth, and Landon Pigg. I pretend I know how to play the Uke and when no one is around (except for Brad) I spit a mean rap game... I spent the first half of my life in sunny Southern California. The desert is in my blood. Even after seven years I am still learning how to cope with frozen water coming from the sky. 

I'm Brad. Husband. Brother to three. Proud nerd. I am a Software Engineer in the Midwest. I am an Alum of Purdue University. Boiler Up! I have called Indiana home my entire life. I am a bicycle enthusiast, craft beer connoisseur, avid reader of Steven King, and master of coding. My go-to playlist includes anything with an electric beat. Unlike my wife, I do not pretend to rap - although she's not half bad. (jk Aleks put that in there.)

We met, awkwardly, in 2008 when Aleks hollered out the window of her car at Brad. After two years we got engaged. Two years after that we got married. 

We make up Aleks Handmade; a handmade children's toy store. Aleks is the designer, creator, sewing genius, and PR point person. Brad is the brains, the back-end developer, the accountant, and the lead technical adviser. We create children's toys that are safe for all ages, evoke imaginative play, and look great as nursery decor.
 We're zany, silly, make each other laugh a lot, and plan to live the rest of our lives laughing our heads off. Our shared hobbies include board games, drinking tasty local beers, day dreaming about the mountains in Colorado, and Netflix binging. We've been known to spend weeks putting together puzzles on our living room floor. We are business partners, spouses, teammates, and each others cheerleader. If you were to come over you would find a fridge stocked with cold craft beer and mugs ready for the hot coffee that's brewing. We love brew whether in coffee or beer form and we prefer sharing it with people we adore.